What is Quant (QNT)? How Does It Work?

Quant was developed as a kind of blockchain operating system that connects blockchains and networks, regardless of the protocol used. The Quant ecosystem was created by Gilbert Verdian and Paolo Tasca in 2015. Later, Quant (QNT) was launched as an initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) in 2018.

In this article, you can find answers to the questions of what Quant (QNT) is, how it works, and how to store and get Quant (QNT).

What is Quant (QNT)? How Does it Work?

Quant is designed as an ecosystem of products with different functions. The Overledger structure was developed as a universal gateway that functions to connect the blockchains and networks that form the starting point of Quant. Since the Overledger system was developed to connect blockchains, it started out as a technology that aims to facilitate the creation of multi-chain applications (mApps). The Overledger, which is considered the operating system of the Quant ecosystem, not only connects different blockchains and networks, but also works by connecting an application to other applications in the same blockchain, like Ethereum.

Developers who want to create mApps on the network must have QNT, the native token of the Quant ecosystem. Developers, companies, and applications that want to use the Quant network must obtain a license to build anything on the platform. This process takes place by staking QNT tokens for 1 year.

The maximum supply of QNT tokens is 14,612,493, of which 9.9 million were sold in the initial cryptocurrency offering, and 2.6 million QNT transferred to Quant’s corporate reserve to fund the continuation of the project.

How to Store Quant (QNT)?

QNT, the ERC-20 based native token of the Quant ecosystem, can be stored in desktop, mobile and hardware wallets that support ERC20-based crypto assets.

How to Buy and Sell Quant (QNT)?

You can use BtcTurk | PRO website or BtcTurk | PRO mobile application to buy and sell QNT with Turkish Lira and Tether. If you do not have an account on BtcTurk, you can register immediately by visiting our website or mobile application and get Quant (QNT) by sending Turkish Lira 24/7 with 7 different contracted banks.




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